Michael Dante DeMartino and Bryan J. Konietzko (creators of Avatar and Korra) are really into creating a Season 3 of Legend of Korra. However, Nickelodeon is not sure that Korra has enough fans and support to gain enough profit. THUS, we as fans of LOK, need to prove to Nickelodeon that we have a strong fan-base and that we ARE enough to have a Season 3. We must do EVERYTHING WE CAN. Even the little things count!

Ways to Prove to Nickelodeon that Seaon 3 is a Good Idea.

1) Like and support our pages - We'll be constantly putting updates, information, videos, and more on Legend of Korra on our pages. It would be great if you guys could support us. More fans = Showing Nick that LOK has a large and supportive fan-base!

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2) Retweet the Master Tweet! - We have made a 'master' tweet informing on how we can possibly get a Season 3 of Legend of Korra. All you have to do is Re-Tweet the tweet below. Also, take it a step further and "Favorite" it!

3) Tweet to Nickelodeon and Post on their Pages - We must let Nickelodeon know that we want a Season 3 and that it would lead in a good profit for them. We are a dedicated and supportive fan-base and there's no way Nickelodeon would regret it if they allow a Season 3. So all we have to do is let them know that. Tell them you want a Season 3 on their social-media pages and websites.

4) Join the Korra Nation - Join the community of Korra fans and help be part of the Korra fan-base

5) Support the Show - If you didn't already know, everytime you watch re-runs of LOK or ATLA, the ratings go up for both Nickelodeon and the two shows. The higher the ratings, the more money the show, the channel, and the creators recieve. If we do this, then we can help raise lots of profit for the show. Also, be sure to visit the Nick page for LOK because that earns the show ratings too, thus helping the chances for a Season 3.

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