Leaked scene frame from a future season. (What appears to be): Aang,
Zuko, Mai, and an unidentified character.
Many fans have continued to grow eager for the next season of Legend of Korra After a successful finish on Book 1, the excitement among the next Book 2 (Spirits) only increased. Now as we see here to the left is a leaked sketch of what looks like a frame from the next season.

If we look carefully, then we can easily make out Aang in the front. His head seems to be turned back and looking at someone. And I personally believe that is Prince Zuko. Of course it's not as clear on the face, but if we look to his right, we can make out a female figure in long robes and a familiar haircut. Who else could that be then Zuko's girlfriend from Avatar: The Last Airbender. I think that there is a great chance that we will see at least a flashback involving Zuko (if not in the modern time of the show) at some point in the future books or seasons. As we recall, there was no break-up of Zuko and Mai in the end. So a fan can only assume that they continued with their relationship and got married. And as we see on Zuko's left, a kid. That I'm guessing is his and Mai's child. Of course, none of this is confirmed. At least not yet anyway. But it'll definitely be interesting to see in the upcoming seasons. Hopefully we'll learn more about the future Zuko and more about the 70 years of gap that happened between the ATLA and LOK time periods.

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