Nickelodeon has released a new Legend fo Korra game called Republic City Run on to their website. It is an action game on the Nickelodeon website where the player plays as Korra.

The simple objective is to run through the course without getting attacked by chi-blockers. A player can use their chi to bend elements towards these blockers when they are coming your way.

A player starts off with 3 lives. Upon getting hit by a chi-blocker, the player will lose a life. Along the courses of the game, a player can also pick up coins called Yuans. These yuans can then be used to buy character/game upgrades for a more enyoable gameplay.

 The game also records the amount of meters you run. As a rough estimate, I would say that 1 real life second is about 2 meters in the game.

I will be creating a live video review for the UltimateKorra YouTube Channel on this new game. It should be released on the weekend of Febuary 1, 2013 so stay tuned and be sure to subscribe to get notified when I put that up.