I was casually surfing online, when something caught my eye. Thats right... the cover for Avatar - The Search: Part 3!

This caught me by surprise, as I'm sure it might've done so for you as well. Extremely excited upon seeing it at first, I was overwhelmed with joy. I had not expected a cover for Part 3 to be released so soon, especially when Part 1 was released only a few weeks earlier.

However, then I began to think about many leaks and false alarms the fandom has encountered in the past, I started having second thoughts. Could it really be the legitimate cover?

Pondering on the thought, I decided we won't be able to officially verify that until a later. However, in my opinion, the cover seems pretty valid. The art-work and signatures seem to be in place. Notice the Guri-Hiru signature mark on the left of Zuko's waist. This marks that the image cover has been produced officially by Guri-Hiru Studios (Japanese company that designed many aspects of Avatar, such as The Search covers)  so I think it's safe to say that this cover is the right one!