Each year, the first Saturday of May is recognized as Free Comic Book Day. This day, participating comic book shops across the nation offer free comic books to people who come in, free of charge!

The great thing about this year's event was many comic book shops gave out copies of an Avatar comic called, Rebound. Many people heard the news and tried get a hold of the free Avatar comic, but they weren't as successful as the lucky few who did. The comics ran out of stock real fast! I, personally, am not to surprised. I mean, who would give up the chance to get a FREE Avatar Comic book? Well, maybe people who have over-dosed on cactus juice...

So, being the awesome admin I am, I decided to release the comic book for download! Below, you can download the free comic, read it, and enjoy it!

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Also, if you haven't downloaded our previous free comic book release, The Search Part 2, you can do so here.