It's not everyday underrated television shows like The Legend of Korra get the moments of respect they deserve.

Recently, the amazing sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series or Special. The awards were given to the head casting members, Shannon Reed, Sarah Noonan, and Gene Vassilaros. These brilliant individuals were responsible for organizing and hiring the crew for the show.

Not only is the actual award an honorable victory for LoK itself, but it provides us with a deeper sense of insight for the show; the group of people behind Legend of Korra are pure master-minds.

So far, Book 1 has resulted in 8 award nominations and two winning awards.

Nominations for Legend of Korra Season 1

  1. Best Animated Television Production for Children
  2. Best Character Design in an Animated Television or Other Broadcast Venue Production
  3. Outstanding Casting for an Animated Series or Special
  4. Outstanding Direction in an Animated Program
  5. Outstanding Special Class Animated Program
  6. Outstanding Children's Program
  7. Best Performance in a Voice-Over Role - Television - Young Actress (Kiernan Shipka)
Awards Won by Legend of Korra's Season 1

  1. Best Animated Series of 2012
  2. Outstanding Casting for Animated Series or Special