The Legend of Korra - Book 3 (Change)
Episode 3: "The Earth Queen"

Description: Team Avatar arrives in Ba Sing Se in an attempt to find the airbenders in the vast city. Unfortunately, the Earth Queen, Huo-Jing, is uncooperative and refuses to acknowledge that there are any airbenders in her kingdom. In the Northern Water Tribe, Tonraq and Zuko request that Desna and Eska come with them to keep a very dangerous woman named P'li; a firebender with the uniquely rare firebending ability to emit incredibly powerful fire blasts and combustive explosions from her third eye. While in the outskirts of the Ba Sing Se, Mako and Bolin meet their late father, San's, family for the first time; including their paternal grandmother Yin, uncle, and first cousins. They reveal that the Earth Queen is having her Dai Li agents round up every new airbender and use them for experiments. As they speak, Kai is abducted by two Dai Li agents and ordered to use his airbending for the Earth Queen's army.