(A Word From Bryan Konietzko)

Bryan Konietzko, co-founder/creator of ATLA and LOK 

"–Wow! Thanks, everybody! I’m really glad you like the art.

Ha ha, some people just see what they want to see, I guess. Korra is not wearing Mako’s scarf, nor his jacket. Look more closely at her costume, and Mako’s.

The finale on June 23 is the Book 1 finale (episodes 111 & 112). But first, episode 110 airs this Saturday, June 16! Get the collective body ready.

We just finished up the mix of episode 112 this evening. Just a few finishing touches left to do on the picture, then that’s a wrap on Book 1. WOO HOO! These 12 episodes took two really tough years to make. I really wish that meant we had a break now, but sigh… (See below). Thanks and congratulations to all the awesome, hardworking people on the Korra crew!

Book 2 is happening, and is 14 episodes long. No, I don’t know when it comes out. REALLY, I DON’T. But no, it won’t be another two years from now, as we are already in production on it (that’s the brutal thing about TV, the schedule overlap). So all I can say, and it is the honest truth, is that we’re working really hard on it!"       
                                                           - Bryan Konietzko Tumblr