It's official everyone! The originally planned 26 episodes for Legend of Korra has been changed to 52 episodes! Earning over an average of 3.8 million views on National Television, Nickelodeon has allowed Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DeMartino (creators of ATLA and LOK) to extend the spectacular series. These extensions and changes include 3 new books in total. The first book's first episode of course premiered on April 11, 2012 and ended on June 23, 2012. Now there are 3 more books to come, supposedly with 13 episodes each.

Confirmed sources have told us that the premiere of Season 1 Book 2 will premiere sometime in 2013. However the exact date remains unknown.

This is great news for ATLA fans and LOK fans (#KorraNation!) As early word traveled, they were quite disappointed by the fact that the new sequel only had 26 episodes. But officially, as of June 11, it was announced that the number of episodes will be DOUBLED!

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