Janet Varney (left), voice of Korra, sits here with Micheal Dante DeMartino.
The 2012 Legend of Korra Comic Con was one of the biggest panel events this year as many fans attended it in San Diego during the month of July. It was quite a big event, especially with the season finale airing just a few days earlier. The collection of Korra and Avatar fans came from all around dressed up in costumes to express their enthusiasm on the show. The day went well as fans got to meet the cast of Legend of Korra. This day was quite significant for the #KorraNation as much information was released on the show to the Legend of Korra Fandom. Here are some 5 interesting facts about Book 2.

5 Interesting Facts About Book 2

  • In Book 2, we'll find Team Avatar in the South Pole, where Korra will be learning more about her spiritual self and her past spirit lives.
  • We will also see the Fire-Ferrets back in the sport of Pro-Bending
  • Scenes and clips of Book 2 were shown at the Comic-Con including Korra using Avatar power to win the race. (This turns out to be a problem later on.)
  • Another scene was Mako in a chase scene going after a few robbers.
  • The fans and attenders were in for a treat at the end of the presentation. The LOK sound engineer, Nicolaas Bertelsen, recorded some of the actual crowd reactions at the comic-con. The producers later announced that some of those recordings would be used as sound-effects for crowds in future episodes!