IGN.com recently interviewed the LOK cast about the upcoming Book 2. From the interview, I found three noteworthy points that I would like to share with you. 

First, when asked what novel idea is brought to Book 2, co-creator Bryan Konietzko responded:

“We wanted to jump farther ahead in Korra’s life. We didn’t want to just start with a kid who needed to learn all four elements. That was Aang’s story.”

Second, in addition to presenting a non-chronological plot as  previously done so by ATLA, for the first time, the story will move beyond the “training” years and we will get to see a fully evolved avatar in action fulfilling their true identity. This opens up new doors of conflicts, lessons and stories for the author.

Third, with Mako joining the Republic City police force and Asami taking over her imprisoned father’s business, Book 2 will revolve around young adults facing numerous challenges and obstacles that they must transcend. By revolving around an older protagonist, while juggling a more serious role will give the show a new level of maturity. Therefore, Korra won’t be the only one holding and pursuing responsibility of a more serious audience demand. 

Keeping these three points in mind, one thing is for sure: Legend of Korra is definitely shaping up to it’s perceived name and reputation, something much different than the originally told “Aang’s story”. I look forward to seeing what the Legend of Korra saga innovates and introduces in the near future.