As we've seen throughout Avatar: The Last Airbender, the setting has part-took a significant role in the series. As Aang continued to learn the elements, he traveled (with his friends) to the origin of the element. For example, in Book  One, the primary settings were the poles; in Book 2, the primary setting was mostly the Earth Kingdom and so on. Take a look at the scenes from each specific book to the right. The locations are in direct relationship with the element that Aang would be trying to master as well as the title of the season/book. 

So if the title of the book is always the element that the Avatar learns in that specific season, does it mean that Korra will be learning "Spiritbending" in Book 2? Note that the title of Book 1 is Air and that was the only element up till then that Korra couldn't bend. However, finally towards the end of the series, we saw Korra to come out to be a fully realized Avatar, therefore and Airbender.

Thus, as we've seen so far throughout all the books and seasons of Avatar and Korra, the Avatar masters the element that the book or season is named after. So, as it is already a confirmed fact that Book 2 is going to be titled, Spirits, will Korra ultimately learn some form or way of bending spirits? Personally, proposing such an idea sounds ridiculous, almost insane one could say. But note that these are just some thoughts to get us fans thinking. Many fans have also proposed the idea that it may primarily just be that Korra is learning more about her inner-spiritual self.

If the next case scenario is really going to be based like all the others, then it will be interesting to see how the developers and creators have managed to make Korra a spiritbender.

And if its not, then it will be just as interesting, if not more, to see why the producers named it Spirits.

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