@UltimateKorra on Twitter for Korra updates
The highly anticipated Book 2 release date might finally reach the apex of its discussion as the Nickelodeon Upfront Presentation (similar to comic-con) is right around the corner. Nick Upfront will be taking place Tuesday: February 26 (pictures on Nick) this year and is expected to be a major event. Not only will Upfront have news on Legend of Korra, but also have some information or announcements on most other TV Shows on the Nickelodeon Network.

The significance of this event for Legend of Korra fans is drastic! Not only was the Book 1 Release Date announced at the last Upfront, but the first LOK trailer was presented as well! I personally believe Nick has tortured the fans enough with false alarms. Hence, I think we should be prepared for a release date (and maybe a trailer if we're lucky!)

If we do not get presented with a Book 2 release date, there will only be one word to describe the fandom that day - pissed.