Bryan Konietzko, co-creator of Avatar and Legend of Korra, was nice enough to give us another color correction scene through his well-known Tumblr blog. As a nice follow up from his Korra color-correction, this one features Bolin and Eska on the streets of the city.

One of the popular speculations, from what I've heard so far, is that perhaps Bolin takes Eska out on a date. Could this mean that Eska is Bolin's love interest? Additonally, the expression on Eska's face looks rather negative (maybe even a little sad) and could mean some potential conflict.  Many fans have different takes on this. Someone posted on the AvatarWiki, describing how Bolin and Eska cannot be a couple. On the contrary, Avatar Patel from YouTube has a different speculation and shares it through his new video.

What would be a better name for the Bolin-Eska ship? Take a moment and respond in the comments below!