Although there hasn't been too many news updates on Legend of Korra Season 2 in the past few weeks, we do have a Book 2 update today.

Eric Goldman, executive editor of IGN, was able to tweet some information on LOK from the Nickelodeon Animation Press Event. He tells the fans that while he doesn't have an exact month or date for the Legend of Korra season 2 release date, he does have a confirmation. According to his tweet, Book 2 will be premiering later in 2013. 

Although we weren't able to get the action scene Goldman refers to in his tweet, we were able to get some good news. Hopefully, this ends all, if any, false rumours about Book 2 premiering in 2014 or later.

This exciting news means that Korra fans finally have something to look forward too. Additionally, rest assured that our team will do everything we can to try to retrieve the action scene from the tweet. If we are successful, you'll see it on this website. Follow our social media pages to stay in touch with Legend of Korra news!

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