Nickelodeon finally gave Korra fans some interactive action with the new iBook, The Legend of Korra: Enhanced Experience. Available on the iTunes store, the 85-page iBook features concept art, in-depth look at characters, animatics, storyboards and more - (see images below)

The only down-side to this app is that it is available for the iPad only, and not other devices. To all the iPhone and iPod Touch users, try writing an angry e-mail to Nickelodeon and be sure to BCC UltimateKorra (

On the brighter side of this iBook's release ― Book 2 is closer than you think! Plus, we also received the title of the first episode from Season 2: Spirits.

With the upcoming 2013 San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) we're bound to receive some additional updates on Korra as well.

The Legend of Korra - Book 2 First Episode Title

Characters in the Legend of Korra - Mako and Bolin

The Dark Spirit from Legend of Korra - BIO

Eska & Desna from Legend of Korra - BIO

Tonraq from Legend of Korra - BIO
Varrick from Legend of Korra - BIO

Unalaq from Legend of Korra - BIO