Book 2: Spirits Episode 1 & 2 review from Legend of Korra
Guest Post by Mike Train 

Korra has finally returned, and she's preparing to tackle a whole new set of challenges in Book 2. This time, the Southern Water Tribe is spiritually unbalanced, and it's up to the Avatar to make things right. After an update on the whereabouts of Bolin, Mako, and Korra, they depart for the Southern Water Tribe to participate in the Glacial Spirits Festival. When they arrive, they discover the chief of the Northern Water Tribe has also arrived for the Glacial Spirits Festival. Later that night, Korra is attacked by a Dark Spirit and nobody can stop it until Unalaq steps in and sends it away.

Amazed by Unalaq's power, Korra insists that he teach her about instead of Tenzin. Tenzin moves on with his "vacation" while Korra and the others journey to the South Pole to put an end to the unbalanced spirituality. After they accomplish that, it is discovered that the Northern Water Tribe is invading the Southern Water Tribe under the guise of finishing the job. With the next two episodes being titled Civil Wars, we can assume that they'll be covering the oncoming invasion of the Northern Water Tribe. I found myself thinking of Unalaq as a villain like Tarrlok, but his intentions are not evil.

A battle between Unalaq and Tonraq is inevitable, as is Korra returning to Tenzin for teaching her about spirits. As for how Desna and Eska will react to the invasion is up in the air, but their role in the upcoming episodes may be very prominent. With the Avatar presumably fighting to defend the Southern Water Tribe, their odds of fending off the attack is high. Because Unalaq is the only one who's demonstrated the ability to defeat Dark Spirits, it's possible that his life will be spared. The Civil War's affect on the two tribes and even the rest of the world is uncertain.

Overall, the first two episodes of Book 2 were comparable to the best from Book 1. The animation and music were great, as was the writing. If the next twelve episodes are up to par with the first two episodes, Book 2 will certainly surpass Book 1's quality for me. After waiting 15 months, I can gladly say that I feel the wait was worth it. Korra has finally returned, and we have a promising book to look forward to.