I’m excited to be going over the final proofs for the second Dark Horse Korra art book. This thing will be on its way to the printers soon. Can’t wait for you guys to see it!
via Bryan Konietzko on Tumblr
The Legend of Korra artbook is a hardcover collection of behind-the-scenes production content such as never before seen sketches, artwork and scenery. Titled Art of the Animated Series, it contains captions and content from the creators and production teams themselves, as they present how the season was put together.

As a follow up for Book 2, this season's Art of the Animated series has officially been listed for release on September 16, 2014. This 184 page hardcover book will be published and distributed by Dark Horse Comics, just as Book 1's Art of the Animated Series was.

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- Images from Art of the Animated Series Book 1 Edition

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