Book 3 - Change (Episode 3) - The Earth Queen After initially seeming like any other boring off-season day for Korra fans, there was a sudden BOOM amongst the community on the internet. Saying "Tumblr went nuts" would most likely be considered an understatement for what went down in those few hours.

As I'm sure you are already aware from the title, this was all a result from major Book 3: Change leaks that were identified, published and shared. The whole buzz began when MundoNick (Nickelodeon's Latin America website) had released four episodes of Book 3 (episodes 3-6) on their page. Obviously this was a complete mistake, but it did not stop several viewers who had caught on with Nick's costly error to quickly download and save the media content. Within a few hours, several screenshots, plot details, and episode information had already surfaced the internet. Of course, the content was removed by now  from MundoNick's official website but people's minds hadn't cleared.

There are several spoilers and footage all over Tumblr as well as footage on YouTube. Fortunately, for all the fans (including myself) who aren't interested in spoilers and would like to wait until the official premiere, there is nothing here that will ruin your enjoyment of officially watching Book 3 as it airs.

If you do want to discover some spoiler content, here is a great place to start.

Book 3 - Change (Episode 4) - In Harm's Way

Book 3 - Change (Episode 5) - The Metal Clan

Book 3 - Change (Episode 6) - Old Wounds