Legend of Korra Hiatus Break
UPDATE (9:58 PM Eastern):
Bryan Konietzko (co-creator of Avatar & Korra) posted this just a few hours ago on his blog. It seems that Korra isn't necessarily going to be taking a break. As noted, Konietzko states about the show moving to digital. And of course, updates and further news will follow as the week goes on and from San Diego Comic Con. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay informed. (Update 11:03 PM - Mike also posted regarding Book 3 via Facebook. Screenshot is below.)

The worst of the worst has just gotten WORSE...

I'm sure that from taking a glance at the title of this article, you may already have a slight understanding of what is going on.

That's right. The Legend of Korra's current Book 3 season has just been put on a hiatus. Basically, Nickelodeon has pulled the last five episodes from the expected schedule and announced a temporary break in the season. 

With having 7 episodes already aired, there will be one last episode (The Terror Within) this Friday on July 25th (8/7c) instead of the usual two. After that, there will be no future episode premieres until further notice. 

Most believe this temporary pause was put into affect due to the poor ratings Book 3 has been accredited with up until this point. The highest viewership so far this season was on the initial premiere with 1.5 million, still unsatisfactory for Nickelodeon's standards. Since then, the ratings have only plummeted, going as low as 1.1 million viewers for the fourth and fifth episode premieres.

Only time can tell what Nick has in store for the future of Book 3. With the San Diego Comic Con panel coming up this weekend, we are expecting to hear more about this hiatus and hopefully news regarding the resuming of the rest of the season.

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