There have been many interesting leaks and details on Legend of Korra's upcoming Book 2 so far. But this one right here, perhaps may be the most interesting one yet.

Especially since the announcement of 26 more episodes ordered by Nickelodeon, the fans have been more then eager to learn more about the upcoming episodes and seasons. Waiting patiently, is not at all, in the minds of the fans. As you can see, the picture above is one that has been sources and leaked from the upcoming Book 2. Some theories have been suggested about the scene above. We can see that Avatar Korra and Asami Sato seem to be in a desert or dry area type setting. Note that in the background, we see a structure that looks like a Fire Nation tower.  That not only supports the fact that Book 2 will have other settings beside Republic City, but also the theory that Book 2 may also have more on Zuko's mom as she was also part of the Fire Nation. Another point, is that the picture also seems to confirm that Asami will continue to stick with Team Avatar in Book 2, regardless of the Mako & Korra tensions.

We have also managed to get a leak of another image. This one appears to be some basic sketches from the Book 2 storyboard. In this image, we ask you, as the fans, to provide some insight and speculations. Comment your ideas & thoughts on the storyboard sketches below!