Legend of Korra Production Cast: Melchior Zwyer (director), Lauren Montgomery (supervising producer), Joaquim Dos Santos (co-executive producer), Ki-Hyun Ryu (supervising producer), Bryan Konietzko (co-creator), Owen Sullivan (assistant director), and Michael Dante DiMartino (co-creator) Bryan Konietzko (co-creator of Avatar & Korra) posted this production team shot on his blog explaining the progress thus far in terms of the upcoming seasons of Legend of Korra. He states that the fans should expect Book 3: Change very soon and he also reveals that Book 4 is already in phases of pre-production. Konietzko continues on to mention that the production team had just finished their final animatic meeting for the Book 4 finale.

Book 4 production is definitely well-under way and Book 3 is just around the corner. For now, we'll just have to bear with leaks and trailers.

But until then, keep an eye out for those dragons!