Book 3 Change The first official trailer for Book 3: Change of The Legend of Korra was finally revealed by Nickelodeon. A little over two minutes, the video portrays a dramatic impact with epic footage and exciting scenes. Interesting plot details are revealed and there seems to be some true change in the upcoming book.

For the past several months, the whole community had eagerly been waiting for the release of something like this and now we have finally received it. Interestingly enough, according to co-creator Bryan Konietzko, the only reason for the premiere of the trailer so early was due to the major leakage of four episodes from Book 3 that occurred earlier this week. Had it not been for that leak, we most likely wouldn't even have had this trailer at the current moment in time.

Bryan Konietzko Book 3 Trailer
Watch the trailer below via +UltimateKorraTV

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